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nrj Great surprises coming from the NRJ speaker, leader of the FM in Nouméa...
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Les institutions

gouvernementnc The government embraced the idea of the PWA returning back to New Caledonia. Thanks to this institutional support the ANG could finalize the project!
 ps The South Province was seduced and saw the opportunity to promote not only the sport dimension but also the touristic side of it, showcasing one of the world’s most beautiful lagoon registered by the UNESCO.
 gie The GIE is in charge of promoting New Caledonia overseas, being part of its promotion was the Label “in the heart of the event” given to the Airwaves Nouméa dream cup and the network to promote it internationally.
mairie Everyday partner of the ANG the city is offering exceptional road setups so that the public, the exhibitors and the sailors can stroll in total security and comfort andenjoy all the free activities.
ASPTT The ANG is a component of this multi-sport association, up to 10 divisions, many of which will contribute to the success of the event, representing the sport values that they carry
ffvoile Covering the local sailing federation, and by so the ANG, the FFV will help the event by sending over the official “French fun board team” for a training course with the regular visitor and world champion Antoine Albeau. The main purpose being to prepare the team to the new Caledonian sailing conditions.
LCV First name on the water when it comes to sailing, the LCV set up the qualifications rules for the local sailors wishing to enter the PWA event. LCV will be the logistic & technical advisor of the ANG and will also provide hands on deck!