Located 20 000 km from France, neighboring Australia and New Zealand, New Caledonia forms an archipelago in the South Pacific. This French community consists of Grande Terre, 450 km long, the Loyalty Islands to the east (Ouvéa, Lifou, Maré), the Bélep archipelago to the north and the Île des Pins to the south... Without forgetting the myriad of islets that make it an invaluable territory of biodiversity.

La nouvelle-calédonie

The wealth of New Caledonia is also due to the diversity of its population, estimated at 245,000 inhabitants. This archipelago with Kanak roots brings together many communities: European, Asian, Oceanian, all of which have contributed to the development of the island.

Surrounded by the second largest barrier reef in the world, New Caledonia has six zones in its vast lagoon, listed as a world heritage site by Unesco. Its exceptional marine biodiversity echoes that of primary forests, both rich in endemic species. La Grande Terre strikes the imagination with its open-air nickel mines, stock-raising plains ridden by stockmen, its mountain range, its clans of the land or the sea, its paradisiacal islands and its white sandy beaches.

La nouvelle-calédonie

New Caledonia enjoys a temperate tropical climate, which allows pleasant stays throughout the year. From the southern winter, from June to August, with a temperature of 20 ° to 23 °, in the tropical summer, from December to March, with a temperature rarely exceeding 32 °, it is good to live in the archipelago. The trade winds, great friends of sailors, preserve New Caledonia from too strong heat and give an azure tint to the sky every day.

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